Retail consulting – What’s important right now ?!

12. May 2020 | Work

Our colleagues from The Retail Academy are working flat out on new programs. Result is our new format “Fast Basics”.Since June you can learn the basic know-how for direct implementation in 4-5 hour workshops. The most important thing is what is relevant now? And what can be implemented quickly and pragmatically? Following the slogan “Done in a day”.

The “Quick Basics” – main topics:

 # 01 Store analysis! Tidying up.
# 02 Floor plans that entrap! The small 1 × 1 of floor planning.
# 03 Communication on point! What, when, where and how at the POS?
# 04 Trends! Stores that inspire. What others do …
# 05 Storytelling … enchants! Product presentation and experience worlds.
# 06 Porcelain parrot, green plants, bicycles. Decoration at the POS.
# 07 Bang! Colourful … colours & materials, style trends in sales areas.
# 08 Shop in shop systems! Too much, too little, nothing at all! Scale properly.
# 09 OFFERS !!! Almost free! Presentation of price-performance.
# 10 Finally service! The “new normal” and its advantages.
# 11 The customer! Target groups and how to handle them appropriately.
# 12 Plug in, floor is flashing! What’s there, what do you need, price?
# 13 POP UP. ATTENTION POP UP. Quickly there, quickly away, HOW?
# 14 Green is the new black! From responsibility, to lifestyle, to the POS.
# 15 Regulations, requirements, solutions. What can you do?
# 16 Consumer behaviour. What are we buying now? Product range!

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