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The Wfbm Duisburg reinvents itself, we accompany.

Living inclusion and creating brands.

That the workshop for people with disabilities in Duisburg is not a social club, we already know by commissioning the designer accessory store concept – the Ars Vivendi in Duisburg, or a beach club in the industrial port-the Ziegenpeter. Regional and seasonal in a modern ambience and white high gloss floor. Inclusion goes much further for WfbM Dusiburg. Why should people with disabilities not be allowed to found fashion labels, organize fashion shows and win design awards? Let’s see that too. And if you already found brands, you should also become one yourself. This begins with a name of your own.
In a brand architecture workshop – in cooperation with the Retail Academy, included in a castle in the Westerwald, with the entire leading kadar – we will be creative for 5 days and at the end a new name will come out. It remains exciting!